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Coming Soon: Operation Flashback

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Attention Soldiers,


This notice is to allow plenty of time to get ready for an operation we have named "FlashBack". This operation will drag you through the battlefields of old using weapons designed to bring back memories of days gone by. This event will be starting on Friday July 31st 2020. Start time is set at 19:00 CST where we will be settling down for some Call of Duty in a much more classic setting. To help you prepare for this event i will be posting weapon blueprints below for all weapons that will be allowed. These are to be a followed blueprint. There are variations of most weapons to help those who may or may not like certain sights for the most part. All weapons which have been selected are based on variants from either CoD4 or CoDMW2. We will be playing game types such as CTF, TDM, DEM, and DOM. This operation will not be a game style change, it will allow running and gunning on the different game types, but there will be NO perks, field upgrades, or kill streaks enabled. We hope that this will feel a little nostalgic to some and maybe entice others to check out older titles if they have not yet done so.


Map Rotation: To Be Revealed (also based on participants)

Allowed Weapons:

Primary Weapons: Weapon Blueprints Below

Secondary Weapons: Weapon Blueprints Below

Lethal: Frag Grenades, Semtex Grenades, Claymore, C4, Throwing Knife / Flaming Throwing Knife

Tactical: Stun Grenade, Flash Grenade, Smoke Grenade

Finishing Moves and Melee Attacks are allowed so watch your back.

Weapon Blueprints:




Marksmanship Rifles:


image.pngimage.png KAR98image.pngimage.png

Assault Rifles:


M4A1 Option A.pngM4A1 Option B.pngM4A1 Option C.png

FAMAS:Famas Option A.pngFamas Option B.png

AK47AK 47 Option A.pngAK 47 Option B.png

SCARScar Option A.pngScar Option B.png

AK74U (AK47 Variant Made with Blueprints)AK 74U Option B.pngAK 74U.png

Sub Machine Guns:

P90P90 Option A.pngP90 Option B.pngMP5MP5 Option B.pngMP5 Option A.png

Riot Shield:

Riot Shield.png



Renetti Akimbo.pngRenetti.png19111911.png



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