This Memorial Day weekend, while everyone is celebrating their three days off and having bar-b-q’s, PLEASE take a moment to remember all of those who have fallen and those who continue to fight to give us these freedoms:

“Stand up, Hero, and be counted among the countless numbers that came before you. Even when it was brother against brother, father against son, you stood by your country, no matter what the color of your uniform. Far and wide and way up high, you have defended us true and fair, with courage unmatched and daring galore. Valor comes second nature and Honor is a way of life. From every foreign port to every hometown, the loud call of duty rang out and you answered with a swift “Yes Sir!”. Every action, and every task taken is performed with a great deal of pride. From the wide blue yonder to the Hall of Montezuma; from the fields of the fight to the big ocean blue, you are always there when prevailed upon. To just say Thank You would be a gross understatement of the gratitude felt by one and all. So stand up Hero, and be saluted by millions of grateful!”