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Discord Etiquette

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  • 4th Infantry Corps Command


Discord Etiquette


[HBS] use to have a strict push to talk policy, how ever with interfering key binds in game we have slacked off this policy. How ever if a few common mannerisms are not followed you will be asked to use push to talk.

1. If you vape please try to refrain from inhaling or exhaling directly into you mic.

2. If you walk away from your computer please mute your mic background noise can be distracting .

3. Games can be very exiting but try to refrain from screaming directly into your mic it could cause damage to you fellow members ears.

4. Make sure your voice sensitivity is set high enough to where others do not hear you eat wile in channel.

Again thank you all for your dedication to making [HBS] a great experience for all. 



     CHIEF OF STAFF Brigadier General STORM



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