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Delayed Entry Program (DEP) - Age 15 Enlistment Process

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  • 4th Infantry Corps Command

Have you been selected into the DEP - Delayed Entry Program and not sure what that is or how it works? 

You may have noticed this posted on your enlistment application:


Well just as it says it is a 30 day probation period where your squad leader and fire team leader track your activity in the unit (TS/ Discord/ in-game/ Website) and gauge your level of maturity to make sure you are among of quality soldier we want in the 4th Infantry Division. You will be able to attend all events that a normal Private Trainee will be able to attend but just as the rank of "Recruit". You must complete basic training within this 30 day probation to continue through the DEP program. Once your basic training is completed you will be award your Army Service Ribbon (for BCT completion) but will not be promoted to Private Second Class/ Private First Class (BCT with Honors) and will remain at Recruit until the 30 days probation is completed. 


Once your Time in Service (TIS) is 30 days it is on that said soldier to contact his first line leader (IE: Fire team Leader/ Squad leader) to inform them that they have met the 30 day TIS. From there the chain of command (FTL/SL) of that recruit will discuss that recruits activity/ maturity levels for that 30 days and either approve or deny there performance.

If approved: The recruit will be promoted that day (will not have wait until the next promotion ceremony).

If denied: The recruit will be reassessed on if they need to complete another 15/30 day probation or given a entry level discharge.  (Failure to complete basic training within the 30 day probation will result in automatic denial and given another 15/30 day probation to complete or may result in entry level discharge).







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