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HBS soft launches New HQ

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  • 4th Infantry Corps Command



Attention HBS!


Troopers, I wanted to give a status update of upcoming upgrades. Starting today October 5th 2019 we are rolling out a soft launch of the New! [HBS] HQ with the Official launch proceeding on October 18th 2019,. We are so excited this day has arrived, our goal is to begin testing the New HQ features with other HQ systems scheduled to go online in the very near future.



New HQ Forums! 

HBS has spent the last 10+ years utilizing the Vbulletin CMS for our HQ purposes but with the changing of time and the advancements of other CMS software we have made the decision to move to Invision PowerBoard. with this we feel will offer a range of advancements and improvements to our HQ.


PERSCOM is a versatile soldier management tool developed to help military or civilian based groups manage members, track progress and improve operational efficiencies. The system contains multiple features that help units reduce "clutter" work and helps all members get back to what matters most, the goals of the group and its associated community. PERSCOM is constantly evolving and new features are being developed.

PERSCOM features several modules that can be enabled/disabled to meet your group's needs as well as a powerful backend permission system that allows full control over each part of the application.


  • Comprehensive personnel files with ability to add your own custom fields.
  • Service record system that tracks a members progress through their service time with an integrated document system.
  • Combat record system to track deployments and engagements.  
  •  Assignment record system to maintain an accurate accounting of all transfers within your organization.
  • Forum group management integration - allow PERSCOM to move your soldiers between forum groups as they move within your organization.
  • Fully integrated application system with custom field development and interactive applicant/recruiter interface.
  • Activity tracking system that prevents members from hiding under the shadows. Automatically apply actions to members who do not meet an intended activity requirement.
  • Expandable and comprehensive application interface that allows you to set up the application to best work with your organization.
  • An interactive and customizable dashboard to keep track on all transactions happening within your organization.
  • A powerful personnel action request system that allows you to create forms for members to fill out, manage and process personnel data.
  • Create and save documents that are use throughout your organization. Integrate them with our records management system, application system or personnel action request system.
  • A power roster system that allows you to assign combat units and administrative units in a many-to-many relationship, sorting personnel based on whatever field you want.         

In other News HBS will officially support Call of Duty: Modern Warfare which is scheduled to release October 25th 2019 all interested soldiers please contact Operations Staff for further instructions.

I will continue to keep you updated with further details as they emerge

See you on the Field of Battle









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