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Thread: Guess who?

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    Guess who?

    Guess who's back...

    Well I guess there goes the neighborhood. Good luck everyone else!

    How the hell have you all been! Been awhile hasn't it? Well anyway.. I'm back to cause trouble like always. Hope that's okay?.. No?.. Well.. Even if it's not Eff if I care like usual.

    Here's Some past HBS info about me if you wanna know in case you don't or came since I was last around...

    -Former Military Police Officer from Rank MP3 to XO of the MP Dept-
    -Former Commanding Officer of CoD4NA Regiment-
    -Former Chief Training Officer of CoD4NA Regiment-
    -Former Chief Training Officer of F.E.A.R. Regiment-
    -Former member of MW2 & MW3 Regiments-
    -Former Executive Officer of CoD BOII Regiment-
    -Former Executive Officer of US WoW Regiment-
    -Former Executive Officer of LoL Regiment-

    I've held my fair share of positions within HBS helping where needed quite a bit. I've been lately getting into streaming quite a bit so would appreciate any follows and support given towards me trying to do that more. I'm sure i'll be seeing you all in TS and in games of some sort a good bit. If you need anything let me know and if you wanna know anything else or have any questions don't hesitate to ask. I play on Steam, stuffs and then my Ps4. So as well as my Twitch and YOUTube pages i'll be providing my Usernames to those to add me as you wish to play or contact me there. Thanks again for being a place to call home for me for gaming, enjoyment, and a place to make friends while doing so.

    Twitch Channel: (Please follow I can use the support!)
    Steam: XoDeMoNoX
    PsN: XoDeMoNoX DeMoN#1720

    Take care for now i'll be seeing you guys online on TS and in games and other Interweb things as we do.

    ​-HBS Member Since 2005-

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    Welcome back bro! good to hear from ya again. Hope to see ya in TS sometime soon to catch up. Hope all is well.

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