Some of us have drifted away from the hectic grind known as first person shooters.
i have been unhappy and have been playing other less stressful games on my limited time.
With that said i have been playing on a unofficial server of WoW that some of our clan mates discovered.

I was approached and asked if i would head up a squad for this game, i said yes and currently we have a squad of horde players specifically blood elves and we are gaming.

My thoughts on this is let's get to level 20 , so that the others may catch up ,and while assisting our other clan mates we can grind professions .
once we get a group of 5? or so to level 15 we can then start doing dungeons.
i would like to do a dungeon raid at least once a week until everyone has as much gear as possible then we can move on to higher dungeons.
its been awhile and i need to do some research on when other races can join common quests and dungeons together ,but if blood elves isnt working for you i see no reason why we cant make alt characters and grind other races for those who like to play different races.
we are playing on Dalaran wow unofficial server. as i get more details and thoughts on this i will be bringing forth a proposal for the hbs command.

tentatively i am thinking of our guild/clan name being : Hell Bound Souls in keeping with our clans original motif. is where the download is. use bittorrent as it is faster, log in with your name not your e mail address we also play on algaran not the other realm

Also as the tentative leader of our horde i shall now be referred to as : His glorious majestic omnipotent forsaken one.
and every one else will receive a number and a barcode and if you live so be it...... lol jk that last part

i am wanting to keep this a loose group of people who are trying to have fun and kill those other people the al.. something or other- an inferior race to be sure.
mainly a stress free grind.