Brigade Command Office

Brigade Commanding Officer: 1LT. Zhorin

Attention all members and personal,
Greetings from the office of operations this is your Brigade Commanding Officer 1LT. Zhorin here, I would like to take this time to say I hope everyone had a great holiday seasons and spent lots of time with your family and loved ones. With that said... I am mainly writing this to call attention to all our soldiers and call everyone back to Full Active Duty. Effective as of 1/6/2017 Light Duty was lifted. All Commanders of Platoons/Regimental positions are required to resume normal duties as within your respective Regiment requirements. The implementation of weekly meetings and monthly reports is in full effect for all standing Regiments. Within the next month i will be meeting with each and everyone of the Commanders to discuss the future options of their respective Regiments. The meetings will not be scheduled or set in time at this moment for there is much still yet to do.. Lets pull together and get recruitment up and get together on teamspeak play some games and get activity back to booming standards. Again i hope everyone had a rockin' holiday and look forward to seeing you all in game!!!!