Authorized By WO1.Mingascon ARK Commanding Officer

Issued To All Clan HBS Personnel / Commanders / Public Players
Effective Start Date 30 November 2016

Greetings Everyone,

This post is to inform everyone of the changes to our server rules that you will need to abide by while you are enjoying our services that we provide. For our server to provide an environment with the least amount of incidents and frustration we have decided on the following key essential rules.

1. No blocking resource spawns with pillars or foundations
2. 3 day grace period for newbies and 2 day grace period for people recently raided (See below)
3. No excessive Griefing (See below)
4. No killing passive dinos (See Below)
5. No leveling a base (See Below)
6. No hacking or exploiting
7. No blocking cave entrances - even if there is more than one entrance to that cave
8. No more than 2 hours for caging or handcuffing players.
9. No blocking or building on the obelisks.
10. No turrets blocking resource spawns. No Auto-turrets on mobile platforms.
11. Do not place building blockers around the map to block people from building.
12. Keep global chat clean
13. Try to stick with one tribe name.

2.1: *3 day grace period for newbies* If they choose to engage in raiding and or attacking/provoking players/Dinos before the grace period ends they will be considered fair game.
3.1: *No excessive Griefing* Simple. If you have to ask yourself "I wonder if I'M pushing the limits?" you probably are. Be a decent human, use common sense, no excessive griefing.
4.1: *No killing passive Dinos* Also simple. Must have screen shot proof of a (non-ridden) dino attacking you in order to kill said Dino. Using the Pachyrhinosaurus to grab agro on passive Dinos to kill is forbidden.
5.1: *No leveling a base* Don't do it, simple. Must have Pre/Post screen shots of said base in order to protect both parties involved.
5.2: *No leveling a base* Minimum amount of damage that's necessary to gain access. If the doors/containers are unlocked no need to destroy it. Do not level a base. We will not tolerate the "Well we left one foundation and a few walls standing" routine, NO. Use common sense.

You must present the admin and other party involved with screen shots and or tribe logs in order to have your case ruled on. No screen shots and or tribe logs with valid proof solidifying your actions will result in a ruling favoring the other party involved!!

If you have any worries or issues you can contact us on teamspeak at (that is the ip for teamspeak 3) or you may feel free to contact a Central Command Member through the following contact information: