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  1. Nivelle Nights Update Notes

    " EA DICE " has released the patch notes for today’s Battlefield 1 update. This update is available on all platforms.

    Battlefield 1’s latest patch will update the game to version 1.06. The update also includes the following set of fixes and change for the game, as revealed by EA DICE.

    Battlefield 1 Nivelle Nights Update Notes

    Hello everyone,

    Welcome to the Update Notes for the Nivelle Nights Update. We're excited to bring you the first night map in Battlefield™ 1. The map features the French army facing off against the Germans in mud-filled trenches. The atmosphere is soothingly eerie, and the layout promotes both close quarter and long distance combat. The map will be available to Premium Pass players and They Shall Not Pass owners from today. If you do not have either, there is a chance to play the map through Premium Friends.


    We have added a new screen at the end of the match, highlighting the best squad in the game. Our data has shown that players playing as part of a platoon are generally playing better than others, so if you haven't already done so, it is time to find a platoon. Earn your place in the spotlight with your platoon.

    We have also made some other changes and fixes. Here is the list of this month's items:


    Fixed an issue where the player's weapon got filtered audio when late-joining a game in multiplayer.

    Increased NO Killtrade distance from 10m to 20m based on community feedback.
    Corrected aiming controller settings for the Benet Mercie Optical when using 1.5x zoom. It was using iron sights settings, it will now use optical settings like the other zoom levels.
    Added blur around the Selbstlader 1906 Sniper's scope when aiming.
    Added single fire mode to the Ribeyrolles to match the description which says it's select fire.
    Ammo pouch speeds up grenade resupply if player stands close to it.
    Grenade (resupply) icon:
    - Now greyed out (lowered alpha) when out of ammo.
    - Doesn't blink anymore when out of ammo.
    - Resupply progress now shown when close to ammo crate/pouch even when player already has 1 grenade and is resupplying a second grenade (smoke).
    Fixed an exploit which allowed AT Mines to be placed on vehicles.
    Fixed issue where flamethrower audio could get stuck if killed while firing. Get it? Firing. FIRE-ing.
    Fixed issue where player was able to fire weapon while being melee-killed.


    Fixed vehicle skin descriptions not showing up in the vehicle customization screen.
    Fixed low resolution texture on Chauchat rear iron sight.
    Fixed issue where wrong players would hear vehicle Bailout voice over.


    Fort de Vaux:Players should no longer be able to get on top of the fort around the courtyard area.
    Fixed issue where Conquest Control scoring event was being awarded in other game modes (Operations, Domination).
    Fixed an issue where outdoor reverbs were not fully faded in when transitioning from indoor to outdoor.
    Verdun Heights: Fixed a few out-of-bounds spawns in Operations.
    Verdun Heights: Adjusted the combat area and capture area for the flag in the last Operations sector to improve the balance.
    Verdun Heights: Higher likelihood for more weather variation.
    Verdun Heights: Adjusted HQ spawns for both teams for Conquest.
    Fixed an issue where shells of the BL9 artillery on Rupture in the Rush game mode would be blocked if fired after the attackers had advanced past the second sector.
    Fixed an issue where self repair would activate without input upon entering a driver seat after leaving that seat mid repair cycle. All tank and plane parts are now fixed automatically upon the vehicle reaching full health. This prevents the confusing situation of having a healthy vehicle with broken parts.
    Implemented Frontlines on Amiens and Argonne Forest.
    Player HUD is now active during Pre-round.
    Added original lighting for Soissons to make the level brighter.


    Camera Filters and Depth of Field settings can now be used while in Player View mode. (1st person, 3rd person, and director cameras)
    Fixed issue where all squad information was not always sent to spectator.

    We know that the community are requesting many more features to improve the RSP program, and we continue to improve it, based on the feedback we’ve been receiving from the Battlefield community.
    - Added setting for Unlimited Magazines.


    Added a tooltip on the death screen for when the player has a high latency to the server.
    Added a message about leading your shots when playing with a high latency to the server.
    Moved the latency indicator to not overlap with any other UI elements.


    Fixed issue where game crashed after selecting several custom button mappings for the vehicle controller buttons.
    Fixed issue where game would stop at black loading screen when loading maps.


    Fixed issue where game crashed after selecting several custom button mappings for the vehicle controller buttons.
  2. The Capricorn Dog Tag is back but only for the next 24 hours


    " @Battlefield " The Capricorn Dog Tag is back but only for the next 24 hours - jump into the game and don't miss out again!

    24 HOURS ONLY!

    • Get 20 Revives.
  3. Battlefield 1 May Update " Patch Notes "

    " EA DICE " has released the patch notes for today’s Battlefield 1 update. This update is around 1.5 GB in size and should be available on all platforms.

    Battlefield 1’s latest patch update also includes the following set of fixes and change for the game, as revealed by EA DICE


    We’ve received a lot of feedback from gamers regarding matchmaking into Operations servers, and we’ve made some adjustments – the first of many – to help mitigate getting matched to an empty server.
    With this change, a completed match of Operations will loop back to the same Operation rather than exiting the mode. However, you’ll be on the opposite side of the battlefield. For example, if you started as the French Army in the first Operation, you’ll be on the German side when it loops back after the “End of Operation” screen.
    By remaining on the same server with other players, instead of returning to the globe screen, we believe this will reduce the occurrence of being matched into an empty server. In the coming updates, we plan to continue to expand this feature to cycle through a complete Operation playlist.

    PREMIUM FRIENDS We’ve tested Premium Friends twice in the last couple of months, and we’re bringing it back again. It will be active as we lead up to EA PLAY.


    • Fixed a Spectator Mode bug where the first-person camera could become stuck during the Pigeon Carrier Artillery camera sequence on the Assault Tank.
    • Changed ticket count for Domination to 200 from 100.
    • Fixed missing game mode description for Operations.
    • Tweaked scoring values for capturing flags in Conquest. Capturing gives less score now, however more capture ticks have been added and the team controlling more than 3 flags than the other team will be awarded Conquest Control bonuses.
    • Decreased the percentage of contribution to flag capture/neutralize from 50% to 30%.
    • Added “Join Any Operation” button to main Operations screen. Will start a matchmaking session to join any available operation at any size (40 or 64).
    • Spectator camera no longer missing from the map on Frontlines, Verdun, and Soissons.


    • Tweaked self-repair for A7V, FT17, St. Chamond, and Pierce Arrow.
    • Reduced health gained per self-repair cycle from 320 to 200.
    • Reduced time taken to complete a self-repair cycle from 8s to 5s.
    • o This makes these vehicles' self-repair equivalent to the self-repair of the MkV Landship.
    • Doubled the health of Field Gun and Stationary AA. Made Field Gun and Stationary AA repairable. Field Gun and Stationary AA will now enter a disabled state at 50% health where they become unusable. To use the weapons again they must be repaired back to 100% with the repair tool.
    • Increased time that the shell camera is active on the MkV mortar landship from 3.5s to 4.5s. This better suits the increased flight time of the new heavy shell.
    • Changed how max range for AA is applied. Max range now varies depending on the pitch of the gun. Shells can travel a maximum horizontal distance of 300m, and a maximum vertical distance of 450m. This applies to both the stationary AA and the AA truck. Previously AA shells timed out at the same max distance from the gun regardless of direction, resulting in a roughly spherical volume covered by the gun. This means horizontal range was as large as the max height the shells could reach, and that at very high altitudes the AA could cover very little area, even if its range was technically large. The new AA shells will have slightly less horizontal range than before at low altitudes, but they will retain that range all the way to the flight ceiling. This will make AA much more effective against high altitude aircraft without making it able to reach distant, low flying ones as well.
    • Extended Fighter and Attack Plane elevator flap scaling curves to better cover the entire speed range.
    • Reduced cooldown of speed boost ability from 30s to 15s for both the Dogfighter and Airship Buster Attack Plane.
    • Set up rear view on all planes: Albatros, Fokker, Spad, Sopwith, Rumpler, Halberstadt, Salmson, Bristol, Gotha, Caproni. To activate: Hold freelook while in third person to use rear view.

    Attack Plane Changes:

    • Retuned attack plane elevator flap scaling curve. Attack Plane turning will now be much closer to that of Fighters, but still slightly worse.

    Improved Underused Attack Plane Variants:

    • Increased damage of the Airship Buster variant's primary MG from 32 to 40. This puts its AA DPS on par with Fighter MGs.
    • With its speed boost active, the new flap scaling curves will allow this variant to achieve a higher turn rate than the Fighter for a short time. The reduced cooldown on speed boost will allow this advantage to be used more often.
    • Together these changes should make the Airship Buster more competitive with Fighters in its air to air role.
    • Increased velocity of tank hunter 37mm from 222m/s to 267m/s and reduced drag from 0.005 to 0.003. These changes should make the 37mm slightly easier to land hits with, especially against moving or distant targets.

    Changes to Fighter plane variants: Dogfighter

    • Added new secondary weapon, Incendiary Ammo. Incendiary Ammo does greatly increased damage to plane parts, allowing the dogfighter to quickly cripple an enemy plane by breaking a wing.
    • Changed active ability from emergency repair to speed boost.

    Bomber Killer

    • Changed active ability from speed boost to emergency repair.

    Swapping speed boost and emergency repair on the Dogfighter and Bomber Killer should help both variants in their respective roles. Speed boost gives the Dogfighter a maneuverability edge over the other Fighter variants, and emergency repair gives the Bomber Killer a better chance of surviving tail gun fire from Bombers and Attack Planes.
    Increased field gun damage against light vehicles. Armored cars will no longer take less damage than light tanks from field gun hits.

    Changes to FT Packages

    • Close Support Tank:

    o Increased 37mm HE ammo from 4 to 5.
    o Replaced Secondary Case shell with Coaxial LMG. These changes should help this tank better fulfill its general purpose role.

    • Flanker Tank:

    o Increased reload time on the autocannon from 2.5s to 3.75s.
    o Increased HE autocannon direct damage from 15-10.5 to 17.5-12.5.
    o This results in a 20% reduction in cannon uptime. The direct damage increase will offset the lower uptime against vehicles when targeting vehicles. These changes should make the Flanker slightly less effective against infantry.

    • Howitzer Tank:

    o Corrected primary weapon to HMG as shown in customization, this was actually LMG. The more powerful HMG should help offset its limited firing arc when compared to the Coaxial LMG of the Close Support Variant.
    o Changed driver secondary weapon from case shell to flamethrower on the A7V Flame Tank Variant. This change will reinforce this variant's role as a close range tank.
    o Added third person freelook to the FT Howitzer Variant. Missed this one with the other tanks because the normal version has a turret that can rotate 360 anyway.

    • Added rear firing Tankgewehr as driver secondary weapon for the Tank Hunter Landship Variant.
    • Enabled driving and third person camera while using driver rear guns in the Squad Support and Tank Hunter Landships.
    • Improved MkV Mortar Landship Variant Changed secondary mortar shell from airburst mortar to heavy mortar. Heavy mortar does much more damage and is effective against both infantry and vehicles, but has a much longer reload.
    • Replaced alternate smoke and gas mortar shells with track repair and vehicle smoke equipment. These changes should make the mortar Landship more viable as a combat vehicle, rather than sitting in mortar stance in the backline.
    • Fixed a bug with third person aiming on vehicles that caused a bullet to not fire in the correct direction when aiming at a soldiers head while they are on a horse.


    • Changes to bayonet charge:

    o Activated aiming speed modifier during prepare state as well as charge state. This means a player can rotate a maximum of 50 degrees during the prepare state. Also added an input modifier disabling strafe while charging.
    o Adding subtle boost to third person footsteps when bayonet charging to increase threat awareness. Boosted volume of Enemy VO for Bayonet Charge when close to player.
    o Slightly reduced maximum turn rate while charging.
    o Removed damage reduction while in charge. Weapons will now hit charging players for normal damage.

    • Fixed bug where Bipod Audio could persist when switching to secondary weapon.
    • Tweaked criteria for cross-class medal to require single shot rifles.
    • Added UI for grenade resupply.
    • Reduced the occluder size for the scope glint from 0.25m to 0.15m to hide it behind walls better.


    • Added a camera shake advanced gameplay option to adjust the amount of camera shake caused by explosions, etc.
    • Added missing spotting animation when spotting a downed allied soldier as a medic with the Medical Syringe.
    • Automatically show low on ammo icons on friendly soldiers.


    • Players using controllers can now do custom button/stick mappings.
    • Fixed “Select Operation” button not properly appearing when using the joypad or on console.


    • Moved ping widget to be below the kill log.
    • Fixed an issue in the squad select screen where no squad would be automatically selected for player not part of a squad. The first squad in the list will now be selected by default. Also added support on PC for pressing the space bar to join/leave a squad.
    • Fixed issue with the flag icons and world icons ghosting when going in and out of the customize screen from the deploy screen.
    • Added ability to disable UGC


    • Implemented per region threshold settings for server side hit detection: 160ms for US + Europe, 200ms elsewhere.
    • Fixed server side hit registration interpolation.
    • Leading shot only necessary by the margin above the threshold, e.g. For US @ 180ms ping, you have to lead by 20ms.
    • Fixed latency display for server which is also responsible for decision if to perform client or server side hit registration.
    • Fixed input offsets for server side hit registration to match client side.
    • Fixed wrong hit indicator display when dying.

  4. Battlefield 1 Update 1.02 Download Size And Patch Notes Released

    " EA DICE " has released the patch notes for today’s Battlefield 1 update. This update is around 2.5 GB in size and should be available on all platforms.

    Battlefield 1’s latest patch will update the game to version 1.02. The update also includes the following set of fixes and change for the game, as revealed by EA DICE.


    • Fix for one common and one uncommon client crash.
    • Fixed a potential soft freeze in single player campaign connected to AI.
    • Fixed an issue where players experienced getting stuck in the globe screen when cancelling matchmaking.
    • Fixed an issue when trying to join multiple servers.
    • Fixed an issue where players experienced weapon skins not being removed when scrapping items.
    • Fixed an issue where players were missing “The Insider” Dog Tag.
    • Tweaked calculations of values in End of Round.
    • PC: Fixed an occasional crash when a user shutdown the game.
    • PC: Fixed an issue where players experienced troubles with A and X button functionality on PC while using an Xbox One controller.
    • PC: Fixed an issue where players experienced crashing while closing the client during streaming installation. Xbox One: Fix for the “Trench Raider” Dog Tag not unlocking on Xbox One.

    • Fixed two issues in the “Through Mud and Blood” War Story where no new objectives would appear.
    • Fixed an issue where players experienced wrong info in loading screen.
    • Fixed an issue where players were missing the Dog Tag counter.
    • Fixed an issue where English text would appear for players in non-English regions.
    • Fixed an issue where players experienced a placeholder image when opening the Operations menu for the first time.
    • PC: Fixed an issue where players were missing an option to display controller button prompts.
    • Fixed an issue where players experienced End of Round screen not loading.


    • Fixed a crash related to soldier animation.
    • Fixed a graphical glitch when exiting a War Story and going to the main menu.
    • Fixed an issue where players experienced player icon overlapping while matchmaking on console.
    • PC: Temporal anti-aliasing is now the default anti-aliasing mode on medium graphics quality.
    • PC: Fix for a graphical issue causing artifacts in shadows.
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  5. Unlock a Battlefield 1 Weapon Skin By Playing Battlefield 4 or Battlefield Hardline

    We’ve nearly reached the end of the Road to Battlefield™ 1. The game releases worldwide on October 21 (or October 18 if you pre-order the Early Enlister Digital Deluxe Edition), and everyone will finally be able to experience the dawn of all-out war. We’re even hosting a Road to Battlefield 1 Livestream next week, which you can learn about on the Battlefield Livestream page.

    But the battle isn’t over in Battlefield 4™ or Battlefield™ Hardline. There’s one last mission you need to report in for – and if you complete it, you’ll get something special in Battlefield 1.

    October 12 – October 17
    Get the M1911 “The Incarcerator” Weapon Skin and Road to Battlefield 1 Dog Tag

    That’s right. Put your helmet back on and pick up the M1911 – you need to head back into either Battlefield 4 or Battlefield Hardline if you want to get the M1911 “The Incarcerator” weapon skin in Battlefield 1, as well as the Road to Battlefield 1 Dog Tag. You’ll also get a Gold Battlepack in whichever game you complete the mission in.
    Here’s what you need to do:

    M1911 Community Mission
    Jump into any Battlefield 4 or Battlefield Hardline multiplayer mode and map and get 100 kills with the M1911 to get the M1911 “The Incarcerator” weapon skin and Road to Battlefield 1 Dog Tag in Battlefield 1, and a Gold Battlepack in either Battlefield 4 or Battlefield Hardline (whichever you complete the mission in). This mission is active between October 12, 2016 9AM PT and October 17, 2016 9AM PT.


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