Award: 3rd Infantry Division Unit Patch

3rd Infantry Division Unit Patch


The 3rd Infantry Division Patch was worn from 24 October 1918 to Present.

The Third Division was organized in 1917 at Camp Greene, North Carolina and arrived in France in 1918. The three white stripes of the insignia are symbolical of the three major operations in which the division participated during World War I. The blue field symbolizes the loyalty of those who placed their lives on the altar of self-sacrifice in defense of the American ideals of liberty and democracy. This insignia was originally approved on 24 Oct 1918 for the 3rd Division, amended to correct the wording of the description on 11 Oct 1922 and re-designated with an amendment to include the border in the description for the 3rd Infantry Division on 15 May 1964.


The 3rd Infantry Division unit patch shall be awarded to soldiers who have been deployed on no less than 3 unit operations.

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