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[READ BEFORE POSTING] How to correctly report a cheater V2.0

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A hack is defined as anything that gives someone an unfair advantage over other players.

The only people allowed to post on cheater reports are the people reporting and admins. All others will be immediately and permanently forum banned.

To record a possible cheater, you must first spectate them specifically. We will NOT watch through videos of you playing to find the hacker.

To spectate a specific player, first join Spectators by pressing ESCAPE. Then join the team of the player you wish to record; do NOT choose a class. Press ESCAPE once again and cycle through the players until you find the right player.

Once you are spectating, you can do one of two things in order to record visual proof of the hack:

1. Use an external 3rd party program such as Dxtory, Fraps, or MSI Afterburner to record the gameplay.

2. Record a demo using the in-game RepZIw4 theater features.


To record using our features, please follow the guidelines below:




  • 1. Open console, usually through the ` key. Then type: /record Name_of_hacker
  • 2. Once you believe you have enough proof of the hacker, open console once again and type /stoprecord
  • 3. You can locate the demo you have recording in /m2demo/demos within your game folder.
  • 4. To record using an external program later on, you can load the demo through console by typing /demo Name_of_hacker. Once you have loaded the demo, type /demoback in console and record.
  • 5. If you were able to record using an external program, you can upload the video to YouTube and post the link in your report.
  • 6. If you are unable to upload to YouTube, please locate the demo and upload it to a file-sharing website, such as MediaFire or ZippyShare, and post that link in your report.




To successfully have a cheater banned, you must abide by the following rules:




  • 1. The proof must be longer than 30 seconds and include more than 1 clip.
  • 2. It must be in clear quality if uploaded to YouTube.
  • 3. Must clearly demonstrate a hack, which is defined below.





Examples include but are not limited to the following:




  • - Aimbot: The user's gun automatically locks onto the enemy's body
  • - Wallhack: The user is able to see where enemies are through walls
  • - Silent Aim: The user kills enemies without aiming at the player
  • - No Recoil: The user's weapon does not exhibit any recoil when firing
  • - Texture Hack: The user has replaced existing textures with modified versions to enhance vision




You can also report players for the following:




  • - Killing teammates with equipment
  • - Boosting: intentionally dying in order to help a friend
  • - Breaking the server rules repeatedly






Please be patient and admins will review each cheater report and respond with a verdict as soon as possible!

Thank you for your time and consideration!






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