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Attention Trophy Hunters,

I am very happy to announce that we will now be supporting theHunter: Classic & theHunter: Call of the Wild,  We currently host a 8 player server with a variety of Locations and Reserves to play. Below is a list of current Hunts and what Trophy Game you can expect to encounter, we will be announcing more news about up-coming events and content so please stay tuned 

Hunting Locations:



Located in the heart of Europe, Hirschfelden is a large hunting reserve with a predominant mix of decidous beech and aspen forests surrounding rolling hills and farmlands. The western parts of the reserve contain more challenging hunting grounds along mountain slopes and deep spruce forests. Hirschfelden Hunting Reserve is home to the fallow deer, the wild boar, the roe deer, the European bison, the red deer, and the red fox.



Layton Lake District provides hunters from all over the world with a taste of the untamed wild, with few traces of civilization. Located in the Pacific Northwest, the area is predominantly covered by spruce,larch, and aspen forests, rocky mountain slopes, and marshlands in between. Plan your hunting trip carefully before taking on some of the most sought-after game like the moose, the black bear, the Roosevelt elk, the whitetail deer, the coyote, and the blacktail deer.



At the end of the world, where the barren Patagonian Steppe meets the balmy southern beech forests, lies Parque Fernando. Game imported from every continent thrive in this land of plenty. In the wetlands, cinnamon teal flock to the lakes, while water buffalo gather at the swamps. The grasslands and forests teem with blackbucks and a variety of deer: spotted axis deer, hearty mule deer, and magnificent red deer. Hunting them all from highlands to the low is Parque Fernando's apex predator, the puma.



Situated in the heart of the Southern Rocky Mountains, Silver Ridge Peaks offers the intrepid hunter a taste of life on the frontier. Remnants of prehistory mingle with ramshackle ruins that tell tales of boom and bust, against a breathtaking backdrop of glacial lakes, iron-topped peaks and alpine hot springs. Follow the ancient hunting trails of nomadic peoples, stalking mischievous turkey and quick-footed pronghorn in the grassy plains and sparse aspen forests, or put on your hiking boots and venture up into the mountains in search of Rocky Mountain goat and bighorn sheep.



Deep within the Southern African Woodlands, lies Vurhonga Savanna - A hunting reserve teeming with indigenous flora and fauna, and offering a hunting experience like none other. The reserve spans over several biomes, covering the savanna, woodlands, fever tree forest, swamps and scrublands. The open Plains of Vurhonga are home to warthogs, springbok, blue wildebeest, the scrublands bustle with the activity of side-stripe jackals and scrub hairs, while the coast and forests are home to the lesser kudu and the indomitable cape buffalo.



Yukon Valley's human history stretches back thousands of years, to when early humans crossed into Alaska from Siberia. In its isolation, the reserve has always maintained its sense of danger and adventure. Modern visitors must prepare for encounters with relentless gray wolves and mighty grizzly bears that roam the reserve. These visitors are rewarded for their bravery with stunning views of the crimson plains, flowing rivers and lush forests.


The home of the Delta blues, Mississippi Acres Preserve hosts unparalleled game opportunities for hunters who aren't afraid to get their feet wet. While recent heavy flooding has forced residents from their homes, the region's animal inhabitants are as bold as ever, and the loamy cotton fields and grasslands attract hungry feral pigs, quails, and raccoons. The pine forest and hills are full of deer and gray foxes, while the indomitable American alligator makes its lair deep in the oxbow lakes found all over the preserve.







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