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Operation Eagle's Claw Deployment

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  • 4th Infantry Corps Command

Grab your gear Soldier, Operation Eagle's Claw deployment will commence at 3:00 a.m. August 12th, troops will be required to serve a 5 week tour until September 15th 2021,  [HBS] invites you to Team up with fellow gamer's and hit the trenches of Europa Island. How do I participate? it's simple grab your best bud or even the guy down the street, heck bring your mom... join us on Discord and play games, what game? Ring of Elysium, by having a verified forums account and participating during active deployment you will receive a Event Exclusive [PSMS] Weapon Camo & Charm. 

At the conclusion of Operation Eagle’s Claw ONLY troops who submit all required materials who have a verified forums account and was actively deployed will be eligible for a Special Exclusive bonus drawing as an extra Thank you!                


Come join the fun and Get your game on...








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