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Patch Notes – Heroic and Pinnacle Challenges, S15 Character Vote (Jul.15.2021)

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Dear Adventurers,
Welcome to the latest official patch notes for Ring of Elysium. Here are the full details:

Heroic Challenges
  • Heroic Challenges are back! Complete the challenges for exclusive rewards including portraits, accessories, and Adventurer Character Styles!
  • Lilo - Challenge Exclusive Style
  • Code M - Challenge Exclusive Style
  • Code X - Challenge Exclusive Style
S15 Adventurer Character Design Community Vote
  • One of the S15 adventurer characters will be picked by the community! During the event, vote for your favorite character design, and the highest-voted design will be added to the S15 Adventurer Pass rewards! (content shown in this voting event are concept design arts and does not represent the final quality of the product)
  • Voting period: July 15 to July 28, 2021
  • Event rules:
    • The voting panel can be found in the game lobby's "Event Center", each vote costs 100 coins, and each account can cast up to 20 votes per day
    • After each vote, players will get a "Vote Participation Box", open it for random rewards include exclusive timed Weapon Skins, E-Points, Coins, Experience, and more
    • Please note: The 100 coin cost per vote refers to the credits earned by playing the game for free, not E-Points which is purchased with real-life currency

Pinnacle Challenges
  • Wanna grab the S15 Pass for free? Make sure to complete the Pinnacle Challenges that starts in July 22nd! Complete 7 challenges for a FREE Season 15 Adventurer Pass valued at 950 E-Points, as well as other exclusive rewards!
  • DirectX 12 client: added support for NVIDIA RTX 3050 graphics card

Thanks for playing,







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