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Operation: Shamrock & AWE 2021 was a Hit!

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  • 4th Infantry Corps Command


Attention @everyone

We would like to thank all those who participated in the March 12th 2021, Operation: Shamrock & Awe event, Each participant will receive the [PSMS] M4A1 Weapon Camo: The Luck of the Irish as well as the [PSMS] Weapon Charm: Operation Shamrock & Awe and as a special Thank You, You've been added to the new @Event Participant role in discord, now enabling you the ability to view the Event Participants channel, here you will find a exclusive drawing available to only participants of the event.

Be sure to visit and enter yourself into the drawing as it is scheduled to choose a winner March 18th 2021, again Thank you to those who participated and Good Luck!








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