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Operation ShortFuse

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I know its a bit late but i would like to thank everyone for attending MW operation ShortFuse

Day #1 Combat Mission - BooM! Present: *KgB, *Goose, *TigerzTwin, *TheFiend, *Kittendamighty, *Earnie, *Skillaholix, *Bogg, *BRIANdaBEAR, *Gil5320, *MTmonkey, *DirtNinja, *TimeWalker42, *Swa7M0nk3y,

Day#2 Combat Mission - RockingChair Present: *KgB, *Bogg, *Earnie, *TigerzTwin, *Goose, *Playboy1963, *1_MrShadow, *Swa7M0nk3y, *Skillajolix, *TimeWalker42, *Phalance, *DirtNinja, *Kittendamighty, *Gil5320, *BRIANdaBEAR,

Non-Member Present: -Ultron-

Day#4 Combat Training Mission - HammerLock Present: *KgB, *Goose, *Swa7tM0nk3y, *TigerzTwin, *Gil5320, *BRIANdaBEAR, *Kittendamighty, *Playboy1963, *Phalance, *Earnie, *Jock,

Day#5 Combat Mission - Grey Squirl Present: *KgB, *Goose, *MTmonkey, *Swa7tM0nk3y, *Gil5320, *Kittendamighty,

NonMemb Present: Winterkill, Pot-Shot, -Ultron-

this last event was one of our biggest and longest event we have had for MW 

again  would like to thank everyone of you for helping make our event a success! during this  last 4th of july weekend

and a special thanks for our command for helping during the event.

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Congrats everyone....






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