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Help HBS celebrate turning 15!

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  • 4th Infantry Corps Command

Know ye, in all presence and greetings,

This 27th Day of January, 2020, the Hell Bound Soldiers community invites you to share this Historic moment in documented HBS History.

ClanHBS was founded on this 27th day of January, 2005. 15 years have now gone by in combined efforts between HBS Staff and Soldiers to ensure that growth and sustainability have no end in sight.

HBS would like to extend an invite to any and all peoples; members, staff, families and guests alike, to take part in a Weekend-Long Celebratory Event to Commemorate those who have shed blood, sweat, and tears into this great community. From Thursday 23 January through Monday 27 Jan, HBS will be Rockin' the Channels with Music, Games, Giveaways and Good Times. We extend the offer to use any and all HBS assets/servers for all of our enjoyment during this time.

There will be Random Giveaways all throughout the Event from Thursday evening through Monday evening. Be sure to be present in Discord at least 1 night of the event for your chance to win some games! There are plenty of game keys to go around for everyone, however, there will be a 1 game per day, per soldier limitation.

There will be a Ceremony on Monday, January 27, 2020 at 1900 CT for All Staff and Members to be recognized for their achievements within ClanHBS. A Moment of Silence will be held at the beginning of the ceremony for those who have given the ultimate sacrifice and are no longer among us due to tragic events in the real world. Those members are no longer with us, but will never be forgotten. HBS will attempt to offer peace and lay these brave soldiers to rest in our Arlington Cemetery. Awards will be issued alongside Promotions for those who have given their hard work and time to make HBS what it is today.

If time allows, attempt to be there early and be prepared for a lengthy evening, bring snacks, drinks and of course your family to this special occasion. HBS is proud to have each and every one of its Soldiers within its ranks and would like a show of full force for this historic and memorial event, The Anniversary of the Hell Bound Soldiers.

Long Live [HBS]








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