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PTT Exemption Policy


HBS Command would like to inform you that at the beginning of 2020 PTT will be enforced until you have submitted a PTT Exemption form. This is to foster a more pleasant atmosphere in the game channels,  you will not be able to operate an open mic in the gaming channels. PTT Exemptions will not be issued to guests, or visitors on any basis. In order to have an exemption issued you must be an HBS member and demonstrate that you know how to properly set your mic threshold so that it prevents the majority of ambient non game related noise.(e.g. Key clacks, mouse clicks, radio and TV programming, fans and the like.)  Exemptions will be issued on a 30 day probationary period, at the end of the 30 day period if you have been able to effectively prevent the majority of ambient noise from broadcasting into the gaming channels your exemption will remain in effect up to the day that it becomes a problem again, should you begin to broadcast unwanted ambient noise again, you will be given the opportunity to correct it within a week before your exemption is revoked, If your exemption is revoked you will not be eligible to apply for a new exemption for 90 days. 


If you are unsure how to set your mic threshold, you may reach out to @-Ultron- or @Skillaholix for instructions on how to do so. To fill out your PTT Exemption request you may visit the link here. PTT Exemption Form If you are a visitor or a guest and would like to apply for a PTT Exemption you must first become an HBS member, PTT exemptions are one of the many benefits to becoming an HBS member.  to do this you must first register on the site, and then fill out an enlistment form. The enlistment link is here. HBS Enlistment Form


At ease soldiers!

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