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The Celebration has begun!

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  • 4th Infantry Corps Command


@everyone Hell Bound Soldiers would like to cordially invite you to our celebration bash as we celebrate the launch of our New Head Quarters, and official kick off of the new "Call of Duty: Modern Warfare", as well as our continued support for season 6 of Ring of Elysium; this event will kick off on October 18, 2019 and run through October 25th 2019. With the October 25th being the official launch of "Call of Duty: Modern Warfare", through this time period we will be having community gatherings to hang out, play games, and hand out a minimum of 8 random game keys, and three $5.00 USD Steam Gift Cards threw out the week long event. There will also be a special drawing for a copy of the new Call of Duty on the 24th of October at 20:00CST  (8PMCST). All are welcome to join, you do not need to be a member of the Hell Bound Soldiers to join us and have the chance to win. This is our way of showing support, sportsmanship, and camaraderie to the gaming community. There are no strings here just fun and good times, how ever there are a few rules that are as follows:


[HBS] Member Rules

  1. Must be registered to the new site.
  2. Must be REPORTED in through the Perscom.
  3. Must be active through prime time through the week of the event.


Non Member Rules

  1. Must be a discord member, this rule is to help ensure a smooth and fun game night. 
  2. Must register on our forums HQ [Click Here] witch you can do by using our discord or Steam forum integration plugins.
  3. Must make at least one post introducing your self.
  4. All Above Tasks Must be Completed by 23:59CST (11:59pm CST) on October 23rd 2019.


All Participants

1. Everyone will be allowed to participate in the random game giveaways each night unless they win as explained in 1A and 1B

  • 1A. Though everyone has the chance to participate in each night of random game giveaways, anyone who wins in one of the nights of game giveaways will not be eligible for any random giveaways there after (e.g. if you win on night one for random game giveaways you are no longer eligible for the next sets of random game giveaways) You are fully eligible to win the giveaways until you win essentially.
  • 1B. The Giveaway of the new "Call of Duty: Modern Warfare" Will be eligible to any and all participants. This means if you do win during the random giveaways you ARE still eligible for the AAA title Giveaway







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