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So you think you are entitled to a promotion

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  • 4th Infantry Corps Command

Let's talk about how ranks, promotions, and positions work here at HBS for a moment.

Ranks may represent time served in HBS, or may be representative of the position held, or may be a way of recognizing extraordinary contributions to your platoon, regiment, department, or the community as a whole.

  • serving the required amount of time at a certain rank entitles you be ELIGIBLE for a promotion, it is not a guarantee. If your behavior has been disruptive or counterproductive then you can be passed over for promotion or available positions, or you could be asked to leave HBS altogether.
  • Your chain of command including CENTCOM is not required to promote solely based on rank. Promotions and positions are more likely to be given to those who show the right qualities, interest, position availability, or who seems to be the best fit for a position, and thereby will be the best fit for the platoon, regiment, department or the community.
  • Mistakes are made, and may be corrected by the leadership. (They are human just like you.)


So...you think because of time served, rank, and skill playing a game automatically means you are ready to assume a command position if one becomes available? - Why?

  • ASSUMING A COMMAND POSITION MEANS ASSUMING RESPONSIBILITY. It does NOT mean you get to boss people around and massage your ego. If that is the reason you are pursuing rank, promotion, SA on Teamspeak, or positions; please don't, as that is not what this community needs, and DEFINIELY NOT what we are looking for in our leaders.
  • We are looking for leaders that are motivated more by what they can contribute to their platoon, regiment, department, or community as a whole. We are NOT looking for power hungry individuals.
  • We are looking for people with a good attitude and a commitment to work together to better our community.


So...you have been asked if you are interested in taking on a leadership role in our HBS community...what can you expect?

  • You have already been noticed for one or more positive qualities or skills. In your new position you will be expected to learn new skills and perform tasks associated with managing the platoon, regiment, department, or utilizing a specialized skill for the benefit of your community.
  • Depending on your position that may involve organizing practices or events, solving people problems, performing tasks on the forums, working with new members, or offering up a particular skill for the benefit of HBS.
  • SURPRISE!! - You can expect less game time as you move into more senior positions. The key thing to remember is that the people in the more senior positions are there because they have learned advanced people problem and technical problem solving skills and are willing to volunteer their expertise for the benefit of the community.
  • You can expect longer periods of time between promotions as you move up.
  • You can expect Senior command to ask for reports that give them an in depth look your particular area of responsibility, and thereby give them the information they need for planning and decision making.
  • Like all members of the community you can and will be held accountable for your performance and conduct, and that of the people you are responsible for, albeit at a higher standard.
  • You are not expected to know everything! You are expected however to give it your best effort to listen and learn from the more Senior people, and apply what you have learned. Don't be afraid to ask for help and guidance from your chain of command...that's what they are there for.
  • Above all listen to the people you are playing with and or are responsible for...they will often provide clues to the direction your decisions should take. (provided they fall within the HBS rules of course) - Remember; it's not all about you!
  • Keep your management style light and upbeat - remember we are here to have fun! - Nobody respects or wants to work or play around a self-serving asshole. (Failure to follow this guideline will become apparent and be noticed by the senior leadership)


So...you accept the position eh? Congratulations!

  • As one of the leaders within our community, we as members of the community will be looking to you to continue building a positive online community that is based on fun, fair play, and respect for all.







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