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UnBan Appeal Mw2

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You can appeal bans only pertaining to ClanHBS servers. You can only post an appeal for yourself. Every ban appeal that one posts for someone else than himself will be denied. This means if someone used your PC and hacked it's your fault not ours. Don't make appeals based on this case, they will be denied immediately.


If you have been banned for cheating, you have right to request video/demo proof of your ban. This does not apply if you have been banned by a veteran admin or kicked / banned for insulting and/or flaming.

You WILL NOT be unbanned if:

  • Your ban is older then 1 week (admins are required to keep proof for no longer than one week).
  • You use a proxy to play on our servers, or here to post an appeal.
  • You are a guid spoofer / ban evader (creating new accounts to evade bans or by any other means changing your xuid)
  • You post more than ONE ban appeal! If your appeal gets denied you CAN NOT request to be unbanned again otherwise you will be banned from the forums!


Only post if you are banned. Do not post "he is my friend he doesn't cheat" or similar posts. This forum is only for those who are banned and for the server admins!


Now that you have read everything above, click "Post a new topic" button and continue reading.


Topic Subject: "Your in-game name" ban appeal

You must provide us with your exact in-game name in the topic subject.


Your post should contain the reason why you think that the ban was not fair and that you should be unbanned and anything and/or everything related to your ban.


* Link to the public ban list of our server *



Good luck!







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