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  1. I know its a bit late but i would like to thank everyone for attending MW operation ShortFuse Day #1 Combat Mission - BooM! Present: *KgB, *Goose, *TigerzTwin, *TheFiend, *Kittendamighty, *Earnie, *Skillaholix, *Bogg, *BRIANdaBEAR, *Gil5320, *MTmonkey, *DirtNinja, *TimeWalker42, *Swa7M0nk3y, Day#2 Combat Mission - RockingChair Present: *KgB, *Bogg, *Earnie, *TigerzTwin, *Goose, *Playboy1963, *1_MrShadow, *Swa7M0nk3y, *Skillajolix, *TimeWalker42, *Phalance, *DirtNinja, *Kittendamighty, *Gil5320, *BRIANdaBEAR, Non-Member Present: -Ultron- Day#4 Combat Training Mission - HammerLock Present: *KgB, *Goose, *Swa7tM0nk3y, *TigerzTwin, *Gil5320, *BRIANdaBEAR, *Kittendamighty, *Playboy1963, *Phalance, *Earnie, *Jock, Day#5 Combat Mission - Grey Squirl Present: *KgB, *Goose, *MTmonkey, *Swa7tM0nk3y, *Gil5320, *Kittendamighty, NonMemb Present: Winterkill, Pot-Shot, -Ultron- this last event was one of our biggest and longest event we have had for MW again would like to thank everyone of you for helping make our event a success! during this last 4th of july weekend and a special thanks for our command for helping during the event.
  2. Effective Immediately, BogG is hereby assigned S3 - Call of Duty MW Assisstant Operations Lead as a primary billet. Congratulations! Signed, Tigerztwin S3 - Call of Duty MW Operations Lead
  3. The end of season one is here! Get ready for season 2! This coming Tuesday Feb 11th as we know is the end if season one. With this ending is also the start of season 2 , it is expected to have a new update hopefully new maps gear and something to do with ghost(new operator?). I posted this as a reminder to all mw players of the update on Tuesday. As allways have fun and recruit new friends,who knows it could get u $50.usd on steam.
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