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  1. ORDERED & AUTHORIZED BY THE [C.I.C.] Second Lieutenant (O-1)
  2. Effective Immediately, SGM.Sir-Dome is here-by Field Appointed Chief of Staff as a secondary billet, maintaining his primary billet of B Co/1/1/4thID. Signed, Bogg |ACC | 4th Infantry Corps Command
  3. Attention Soldiers, This notice is to allow plenty of time to get ready for an operation we have named "FlashBack". This operation will drag you through the battlefields of old using weapons designed to bring back memories of days gone by. This event will be starting on Friday July 31st 2020. Start time is set at 19:00 CST where we will be settling down for some Call of Duty in a much more classic setting. To help you prepare for this event i will be posting weapon blueprints below for all weapons that will be allowed. These are to be a followed blueprint. T
  4. I sadly will be unable to make this due to work schedule conflicts
  5. [TABLE=class: outer_border, width: 938, align: center] [TR] [TD]index.php?cmd=image&sfpg=W05dTkVXUy9bQl0gU0xJREVSUy8qNjUuanBnKjA2MGNlOGYwMWVlNzYyYzE2MmNkZWMzN2VhYTc4M2UzZTFmOTMzYmRkYjEwYzU4MmQ1YjY0Y2JkNGM2NWZlZDM


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