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  1. As of 11/13/20 I hereby resign my appointment to S3 Bravo Company. I also understand that my promotion will be rescinded.
  2. We are inviting everyone for some Halloween games (focusing on COD MW Halloween events) this weekend and Monday 10/30 thru 11/02. Thinks should kick off around 6PM and run primetime, 6-11 pm. During the weekend there will be game key give aways. We will endeavor to have custom games. The wearing of costumes is optional. So bring your best Halloween Spirit , join in for some weekend fun and have a Ghostly time.
  3. All Bravo Company Personnel 1. HBS Members are required to check in every thirty days. 2. This requirement is changing to every 90 days. 3. Please Report in A) If you are unfamiliar follow the instructions below Reporting in directions 1. Go to hellboundsoldiers.com/forums/ 2. Right side you will see a soldier under that pic you will see a button for personnel files…click 3. Scroll down the roster to Bravo company…then find your name…click 4. Up top will be a button to report in…click…. 5. Repeat every 90 days. Thank you
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