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Bad Conduct Discharge
Fireteam Member
  • COL. Reign

  • Timeline

    • Enlistment Date 07/29/2019
    • Induction Date 07/29/2019
    • Time In Service
      1 year and 14 days
    • Promotion Date 07/29/2019
    • Time In Grade
      1 year and 14 days
    • Reported In
    • Timezone
Date Service Record Attachments
Discharged: bad conduct
Bad Conduct DIscharge from HBS
Demoted to Colonel
Awarded the HBS 4 Life!
Awarded the Combat Infantry Badge (Lvl 4)
Awarded the Presidential Unit Citation
Awarded the Army Meritorious Unit Citation
Awarded the Joint Meritorious Unit Award
Awarded the Army Superior Unit Award
Awarded the Logistics Department Service Ribbon (Lvl. 1)
Awarded the Operations Service Ribbon (Lvl 3)
Awarded the Operations Service Ribbon (Lvl 4)
Awarded the Operations Service Ribbon (Lvl 5)
Awarded the Bronze Star Ribbon
Awarded the Washington Ribbon
Awarded the Operations Service Ribbon (Lvl 1)
Awarded the Operations Service Ribbon (Lvl 2)
Awarded the Officer Professional Development Ribbon
Awarded the Activity Ribbon
Awarded the Donation Ribbon
    • 5* General John Doe

    • Timeline

      • Enlistment Date
      • Induction Date
      • Time In Service
        13 years and 9 months
      • Promotion Date
      • Time In Grade
        9 months and 21 days
      • Reported In
      • Timezone
    • Verified Veteran


    Combat MOS


    Combat Position

    Company Commander

    Combat Unit

    Central Command, A-CO, 1-2 IN


    Active Duty


    M4A1 Carbine


    United States

    Administrative Duty Assignment(s)

    MOS Name Name
    12T Technical Engineer S4 - Logistics - Corps of Engineers
    79S Senior Recruiter S1 - Recruiting and Retention
    25V Documentation Production Specialist S4 - Logistics - Combat Imaging & Documentation
    46N Communications Specialist S6 - Communications - Public Affairs Office
    11AH Administrative Cadre S3 - Operations - Force Improvement Group
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