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Deployment Notice Operation: BassWarZ


Unit Events

From: HBS Command
To: Armies of HBS

Subj: Troop Deployment Operation: BassWarZ

July 26th 2020 The Anglers of the Hell Bound Soldiers will actively deploy to FishingPlanet's Location: Everglades, Florida for a 1 day winner take all BassWarZ Bass Competition.

By participating you will be eligible to receive a [PSMS] Perscom Weapon Camo & Charm as well as a chance to win a free random key to a steam game. Come join the fun and may the luck of the Irish will be with you...



*Hunt for Largemouth Bass
*Use only Spinning setups with Bass Jigs and Keepnet
*Rod stand usage during the tournament is prohibited
*The winner is determined by the total weight of 5 largest LM Bass in the Keepnet at the end of Competition
*The secondary score is based on the biggest single Bass caught!


-----*Target Fish: Largemouth Bass*-----
Common, Trophy, Unique

Largemouth Bass is a freshwater gamefish native to North America. Loved by anglers for the fighting excitement, Its body varies in color from green to blackish and is marked with a dark horizontal stripe. The Largemouth Bass is usually found in quiet, weedy lakes and streams. Largemouth Bass typically grow to a length 7 - 20 inches and weighs around 1.3 - 4 lb, but they can grow up to 30 in and weight over 25 lb. Largemouth Bass is a universal predator. His diet consists of small fish, snails, crayfish, insects, shrimp, frogs, snakes, salamanders, small waterbirds, rodents and even young alligators.

Preferred Baits:
*Small Minnows

Preferred Lures:
*Casting Spoons
*Bass Jigs

You can R.S.V.P. below

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