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Kitty's fantastical recruiting spree!


Unit Events

All members are eligible

Rules are as Follows

  1.  Must sign up for competition on the forums by pm directly to @KittenDaMighty
  2. Must recruit NO less then 5 members to be eligible for the grand prize.
  3. Must be active on HBS's Official discord Click here to join.
  4. New recruits must be processed threw the Perscom Soldier Management System.
  5. New recruits must be active on the Official HBS discord.
  6. All members participating must wear [HBS] tags in game and use the Official HBS discord to actively recruit.
  7. You are required to report into the Perscom Soldier Management System at least once every 21 days

This is to boost morale and activity among our clan, The grand Prize will be awarded the day after the competition ends.

The Grand Prize is a $50.00 steam gift card " in the light of a tie we will have a roll of the dice to confirm the winner "


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