Profile of Operations Executive Officer, Badger.J

Full Name:
James Atkinson
Brigadier General
Primary Position:
Logistics Commanding Officer
Forum Account:
Jan 1, 20
July 19, 2016
Time in Service:
Years: [9] Months: [3]
Time in Grade:
Years: [2] Months: [11]
Personal Bio

My name is Jack and I am 38 years old. I live in the great state of Iowa. I have 3 children. I like Graphic Arts, fishing, and playing games on the computer and I am hooked on RainbowSix Siege. So here I sit, a proud member of the HellBoundSoldiers, and you will have to kill me to get me out.

Service Record
Date Record Citation
Jan 31, 2007 Graduated Boot Camp, Promoted to Private (E-2), Assigned Trooper -
Jan 17, 2007 Enlisted in the Hell Bound Soldiers, Assigned Boot Camp 17/01/2007 -
Awards & Recognition
Date Award   Details Citation
Apr 22, 2012 C.I.C Achievement Award Issued by [HBS]C.I.C
Apr 22, 2012 Distinguished Conduct Ribbon Issued by [HBS]C.I.C
Apr 22, 2012 Army Distinguished Service Medal Issued by [HBS]C.I.C
Apr 22, 2012 Army Distinguished Service Cross Issued by [HBS]C.I.C