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Come be apart of the new movement sweeping across the world, Battlefield 1 takes you back to The Great War, WW1, where new technology and worldwide conflict changed the face of warfare forever. Take part in every battle, control every massive vehicle, and execute every maneuver that turns an entire fight around. The whole world is at war see whats beyond the trenches.

Be the first on the front lines - the online Power House for Adults gaming experience becoming one of the most renowned games in the online communities!

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This could quite easily be the one of the best regiments in [HBS] HISTORY. Sign up and join us today for the gaming experience of a life time, All Able commanders and platoon leaders are standing by to make your Battlefield experience "Fantastic!".

This team brings about a new opportunity for players all across the globe, Hell bound Soldiers invites you to become a member and be apart of the movement that is currently scaling the ladder in the online world! Come, Join us, Be apart of something, Be a Team, But most of all: Be the best!

Hell Bound Soldiers [HBS] without sacrifice there is no victory!

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Hell Bound Soldiers


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2017-01-27 Posted by
Recognizing A Special Day

Good Evening Soldiers,

Though many of you may not have realized this right off hand, but today is a day like none other here in our beloved clan. It is a day that many of us look back from and take a look at where we have been, and only wonder what the future may hold. Today our clan turns twelve years old. Though there have been many who have come and gone, none of them have ever been able to come close to anything that we have ever done. This is a one of a kind clan and it can only be described as often imitated never duplicated. I want to thank everyone here for their service, loyalty, and dedication to making this clan a better place every day.

Through the years many members have come and gone. This includes all of our original founding members, but even though the creators left, this clan continued to thrive and grow. Many may wonder how, and all I can think of is that HBS is not just a place where we come to play and have fun together, but it has become a living entity itself. No matter the impact of the members who have left us, it seems as if there has always been someone else who this clan has groomed and attached itself too so that it created a drive in its members, making the people within it wanting to help in any way imaginable.

Now on this momentous occasion that will only ever come around once, we want to welcome all personnel, member, visitors, ex-members alike to join us during 1800 central standard time and 2200 central standard time (6pm Central to 10pm Central) for games and giveaways. We want everyone's help recognizing a few of our long standing members as well.

We want to recognize the following members for their service to this clan. They all three have served here for many years and two still hold active central command positions. We want to recognize 5*Gen.Earnie for his service since 2005 (currently serving as Regulations Officer), 5*Gen.KgB for his service since 2007(currently serving as Commander in Chief), and 5*Gen. Goose for his service since 2007(Retired).

The three men being recognized have served this clan to the fullest extent. Each has earn his rank as a 5*General through hard work and dedication, showing the skills required to command the Army of the Hell Bound Soldiers as it's Commander in Chief. Please help me thank them for their superior service through out the years.

And last but not least, lets have fun, continue to grow, and lets launch this next year out right. So everyone please help me congratulate this clan as a whole on its tremendous achievement of finally reaching twelve.

Happy Birthday and Long Live HBS!


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Battlefield Invasion

Battlefield 1
BattleField 4
Developer(s) DICE
Publisher(s) Electronic Arts
Engine Frostbite 3
Date released October 21, 2016
Genre First Person Shooter
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Platform(s) Xbox One
PlayStation 4
Microsoft Windows


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