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  1. Raffle This weekend December 6th and 7th at 7pm Central time. There will be 3 mouse pads 18x12 with the HBS logo and the winners name on the 7th there also will be a raffle for 3 mouse pads and a Triple A game from steam up to the amount of 60$. So everyone come join us this weekend for some fun.

  2. um no your formal warning is still a formal warning that stays with you not after a few weeks. And you sir are wrong. The item you were using does cause lag due to the memory is only 6g of ram haven't had time to up it. I have been running this type server for 5 years now. I know what cause lag and what doesn't.

  3. No you argued with ace stating that the item you were using doesn't cause lag after told by two officers to stop, you said then what do I do just quit and get rid of all my items. Plus this includes multiple complaints from other members prior to this. I (Iceman) don't ban people for no reason. I'll remind you that you have already had a formal warning on attitude.




    Unban Denied

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