Hey to anyone who hasn't I would like to ask a huge favor in helping support me on twitch by following me if you haven't done so already. Been streaming a lot the last few weeks trying to get followers and get stuff setup but it can be rough. If anyone here can follow me I'd really appreciate the support from HBS on my page. I followed those I could find using the official HBS page on Twitch and followed a few of you and the HBS page. Any support or help is awesome and i'll love you guys for it as always. Almost at 50 followers right now so really trying to push and get there then past that. Thanks again and if there is any games on my lists of games you would want me to stream or show you some stuff from just let me know. I'll stream whatever people would be interested in that I have if you wanted to see a game or something from a game just let me know. Here is my page and thanks again ahead of time for anyone who can follow and/or watch my streams.