Force Push-to-Talk rant.

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So I understand why this change was implemented but there definitely needs to be exceptions. I was told flat out upon inquiring about it that were definitely would not be. And thus this post. Some of us aren't dumb with our microphones. Such as correctly set up VAD doesn't pick up any background noise at all unless I'm talking. Which you'd hear anyway while my push to talk button was pressed. And second, there is a built in mute button attached to the side of the headset. Which I use ALL THE TIME. Having another button to keep track of is simply annoying and not helpful. IMHO Push to Talk is the fallback for people who don't want to or for some reasons cannot get VAD set up correctly. But there is a sweet spot. For everyone. Where background noise doesn't activate the microphone and only your voice does.

TL;DR Forcing everyone to push to talk isn't the most elegant solution. For people able to control their own microphones sufficiently it's not needed.

P.S. And because criticism without a solution is wasted effort here's a solution. Currently it's set up on the channel permissions for Force Push to Talk, the permission is activated on the channel itself so only people with the Ignore Force Push to Talk permission are immune to it. This is a MOST inelegant solution, simply you could attach the Force Push to Talk to the channel GROUP permission such as say Guest or a custom made channel group and then make that the DEFAULT channel group assigned instead of Guest. Then if someone comes along who doesn't need Force Push to Talk activated on them, You could quite simply have another channel group you could move them into. And thus this works on a channel by channel basis. You could still keep Alpha Squad and Bravo Squad moderated. But not the other channels where it's MUCH less necessary.

P.S.S This solution is definitely more elegant than the one currently implemented as it even gives High Command more control over individual channels. <3
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