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Patch Notes – New Character "Summer", Token Shop Sale (Jul.8.2021)

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Dear Adventurers,
Welcome to the latest official patch notes for Ring of Elysium. Here are the full details:

New Character- Summer
  • Warm like a breeze... Meet the new standalone character "Summer"!
    • EP Store:
      • Permanent Character - Summer, priced at 3500 E-Points
    • Coin Store:
      • Limited-time Mystery Box- "Midsummer Breeze Box" (discontinues in August 11st, 2021), priced at 398 coins, purhcase the box for random rewards including limited-time character [Summer], and Summer-themed weapon skins!

Token Shop
  • New items:
    • Added five brand-new S14-themed Epic-tier weapon skins for Origin-12, G28, G36, MG4, and Vector
  • Storewide Sale:
    • Limited Time Offer: 20% OFF ALL Items in Token Shop! Don't miss this opportunity to grab some of your favorite skins


Event: FREE Mosin Weapon Skin "King of Spades"
  • Introducing the community-designed and community-voted FREE weapon skin: Mosin-Nagant "King of Spades"
  • During the event (
    July 8th to August 11st
    ), log-in to get the 14-day free-trial version of the skin immediately
  • You can get 10 points for daily logins and 5 points for completing daily tasks
  • Reach 100 points during the event period to earn the permanent version of the skin for FREE!

Normal Mode Map Adjusted
  • Based on the results of Community Map Vote, Normal Mode's map has been adjusted to Vera from July 8 to August 11

Limited-time Modes
  • Changed each Monday and Tuesday's limited-time mode to Grand Adventure

Thanks for playing,







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